Chianti Rogaining Trophy

Prossima edizione 06 Gennaio 2017

Chianti Rogaining Trophy


January 6th, Friday (Epiphany – Italy) and 7th, Saturday 2017

meeting point at Social Club, Piazza della Resistenza n. 2

 in Troghi, Municipality of Rignano Sull’Arno (FLORENCE) ITALY


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General information

The CRT, Chianti Rogaining Trophy is one stages of the Italian Rogaining Championship. It 'a competition of endurance in a manner orienteering score of 3 or 6 hours reserved for athletes and non-runners and cyclists, national and international.

Accommodation Art. 1

The Race Office will be located at the Recreation Club in the Plaza of the Resistance 2 places Troghi Rignano Sull'Arno (FI), ITALY; The start and finish will be in the square adjacent to the structure. You can take advantage of the showers and changing rooms of the Municipal Gym in Via Roma always near the Race Office. Lunch and awards ceremony will be held at the "Iris Room" locations Cellai, a village about 1 km from Troghi towards Incisa.

Competition terrain Art. 2

The race takes place on a hilly mountain villages will be crossed Florentine inaccessible forests of oak and broom, beautiful vineyards of Chianti and old fields, and now abandoned, monasteries, medieval churches and majestic villas. The altitude varies from 150 meters to 800 meters s.l. and the area where the event will take place is about 80 square kilometers. The whole track is done in orientation and there will be no directional information of the route.

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Chianti Rogaining Trophy is the culmination of the spirit of I Tuscania. Besides the legs, over the heart and passion, there is sure to find its way if faced with terrain and obstacles roughest have a friend next door who suffers and rejoices with you. Between hills and forests dotted with wonderful relics of the past, through improbable paths, every breath and every step you away from yourself and bring you closer to the vision of the heart of things.

Chianti Rogaining Trophy is not a race, it is an emotion


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